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Dry Faucet Cartridge

Revolutionizing design with Dry Faucet Cartridges: Enhancing Performance, Material Safety, and Weight Loss Reduction

As you know, here in Sedal, we work hard to bring all kinds of solutions to the table, making sure that not only we make our costumer’s life easier, but also safer.

Today, we want to highlight our dry faucet cartridges! An easy solution to ensure clean and safe water for every faucet regardless the material used in its construction! This type of cartridge, specially made for kitchen and basin faucets, handles the mixed water internally. This special system allows the faucet manufacturer to use any kind of material for the faucet, as the water never touches any part of its body, and transfers thru the cartridge insight.

Let’s dive into the cartridge and see how it works. As you can see in the picture, the cartridge is set with two entrances (hot and cold water) as well as an outlet, just like any other mixing cartridge, but with 2 crucial differences:

First, the inlet and outlet ports are specially designed and located in the base of the cartridge making the entire structure watertight.

And second, these openings are engineered to be combined with hoses and pipes thru which the water flows towards the faucet’s outlet. The interior of the faucet remains dry at all times. Interesting right?

We have two main cartridge designs, lets quickly skim them.

he classic version of the valve features a metal insert that helps with the screwing of the flexible hoses and enabling a wide range of materials to produce the base of the cartridge.

On the other hand, a newer version features a full plastic base, made with a stronger polymer which allows to dispense the metal inserts. It has been updated with M8 threads following the market trend of diameter reduction of hoses for water supply. 


Main advantages of the Dry Cartridge:

Water Safety: This is our main objective concern. Making sure the water that flows thru is clean and drinkable, despite the faucet’s material.

Huge cost savings: Since the water is not touching the body, the manufacturer can use virtually any material to build the faucet, including banned materials like zinc or high led content brass. Additionally, the design of the product itself is extremely simplified as there are no internal cavities to conduct water, just a hollow space to house the cartridge with a couple of centering pins. These features provide massive savings in the design and manufacturing process, making the final product extremely competitive.

Here is an example of an application using this technology:

Furthermore, our dry faucet cartridge is certified with KTW, WRAS, AS/NZS, NSF and ACS, validating our product to be used in most of markets in the world. 

This can give flexibility to designers and manufacturers, not only use the materials they want, but to open our minds to new models, loose unnecessary weight and most important, protect the water and the consumer.

Sounds good right? You can also check our brochure here and don’t hesitate to contact as if you need some more information or maybe a sample!

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