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We’ve developed cartridges featuring our Pressure Balance system, prioritizing user safety and experience.

At Sedal, ensuring the safety of everyone using our cartridges is paramount. That’s why we’ve engineered technology that offers precise Pressure Control. This technology is achieved through a mechanical assembly located just after the water inlet and before the water mixing chamber of the cartridge, effectively regulating water pressure to prevent any scalding incidents.

How Does Pressure Balance Work?

Pressure balance technology is a sophisticated mechanism designed to counteract fluctuations in water pressure. It accomplishes this by autonomously opening and closing each water inlet. This mechanism operates in harmony with water pressure variations on each side – and by default, with temperature – , employing an internal valve to adjust the flow as needed. Normally located at the cartridge’s base, this mechanism comprises two primary components: the dual water inlets and the freely floating valve within the assembly. The valve effectively manages water pressure on both sides, automatically adjusting each inlet to maintain consistent water temperature. When cold water pressure decreases, the mechanism opens its cold-water inlet to allow a greater quantity, while simultaneously closing the hot water inlet to maintain temperature consistency.

As illustrated in the image, when cold-water pressure drops, the valve moves to open the cold water inlet, allowing as much cold water as possible to flow in. Simultaneously, it closes the hot water inlet, restricting the flow of hot water, thus preserving the water mix at a consistent temperature.

Validation Process

We conduct rigorous testing in our in-house laboratory to ensure functionality. We record temperature fluctuations in a non-pressure balanced state, measuring maximum spikes in temperature and durability. Our goal is to ensure that each spike is smaller than the preceding one, maintaining water temperature control within a range of 2 to -2°C. The maximum allowable duration for each spike is less than 1 second and shouldn’t decrease more than -5°. Our tests encompass various sections, each with specific checks and analyses, such as procedure tests, water supply failure tests, temperature rising tests, and more. These cartridges can be certified by organizations like NSF, guaranteeing their performance and durability.

Why It’s an Eco-friendly Technology

Our Pressure Balance cartridges have two main eco-friendly characteristics.

Firstly, they maintain the desired temperature effectively, making it easier for users to manipulate the handle and adjust the temperature precisely, thus minimizing water wastage. Secondly, the mechanical device is also designed to function with lower water pressures. This allows it to be used efficiently in any faucet or shower, based on the desired water quantity.

If you’re interested in learning more about this cartridge, please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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