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How Sedal is Helping the Market Achieve the best Faucets in the World

If you have worked with us, you know that we ensure to all our customers, not only to deliver the best quality products but also to help them achieve the faucets they dream. As the industry is moving towards slim and thin concepts, we have developed a full catalog range of slim cartridges with upper sealing assembly, helping manufacturers and designers achieve the design they want, while contributing to safety and cost efficiency.

Explore the Full Range of EX Small and Upper Sealed Cartridges:

This cartridge is available with 0º-23º or 12.5º-12.5º opening handle angle options, allowing you to choose the best opening handle style for your design. It features two sealing options: at the top of the neck or the top of its body, enhancing compatibility with most faucets manufacturing ways. This high-performance 25 mm cartridge offers a full 25 mm flow rate due to its best in class internal construction . This cartridge complies with all certifications worldwide including WRAS and NF007 certifications, two of the strictest standards in the world.

Our EX26 cartridge has a high mechanical performance due to its advanced geometrical design, achieving a 20% more flow rate than the closest competition, even in mix position. We ensure confort, and superior sensitivity and fidelity, making it ideal for manufacturers seeking a slim design without compromising performance. 

This EX26 also comes with a short version, with the same high mechanical resistance and flow rate, but when compared to its competition, it offers 62% more fidelity than the average, as well as 40% more sensitivity, high numbers we cannot miss if we want to focus on comfort performance.

Following the EX26 steps, we can find a very soft and precise cartridge, the EX27. It is a good solution as a middle-sized cartridge between 25 and 30 mm that offers a softer and comfortable operation and usability than the other competitors. Due to its high-grade ceramics, we can operate smoothly in both standard and cold versions. Keeping our promise of high-quality products, this cartridge has also been geometrically optimized, to ensure superior mechanical performance.

Available in many different versions, including standard version, due or cold version, cold due and cold mirror version, and even cold due mirror version, adapting to the manufacturer’s needs;

This cartridge also complies with WRAS and NF007 certifications.

EX28 TOP and Standard
The 28 mm EX28 TOP cartridge is unique in the market since it has no direct competition. As part of the TOP family, it is an excellent replacement for standard 28 mm cartridges in various applications.

Available in standard, cold, cold mirror, and other versions, it complies with NF and WRAS certifications.

The EX28 offers a free flow rate of up to 14 l/min, ideal for faucets, and the standard EX28, a compact SN cartridge, provides up to 21 l/min at 3 bar pressure, perfect for showers. Its compact design enables manufacturers to create minimalistic faucets without compromising performance.

Although this blog has focused on small and upper sealing cartridges, we offer a diverse range of cartridge options to suit different design needs, you can find the full range of small cartridges in our catalog.

If you need final adjustments or personalization, we also offer OEM services. Contact us, and our engineering team will assist you.

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