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Standard Digital Shower from Sedal

Open the door to the digital world and Improve safely your Product Portfolio with Sedal’s Standard Digital Shower

Our industry is slowly turning into a more digital experience, already counting on a wide range of technologies, from basic technologies like sensors to full electronic devices to control water flow and temperature, which can also read and produce instant data.

Even though these sophisticated technologies are not yet within everyone’s reach, we believe it is safe to say that, in the not-too-distant future, they will be. At Sedal, we believe in helping the industry grow and develop, as well as being pathfinders to support the ideas and dreams of manufacturers that cannot be achieved mechanically. Therefore, we have set in motion a new line of digital showers, ensuring everyone in the industry who believes in the project can have their own place in it, regardless of their size, budget, or timetable.

We now offer 3 standard shower levels, with a sleek and intuitive design already established, which will be promptly explained individually, but with some common advantages that make them especially adaptable to everyone’s needs:

• As the design is already settled, we have achieved all the certifications needed for immediate use. When we prepare an OEM shower, the last step will always be to ensure the certifications, since they can vary based on the design and technology used. However, in this case, as the design is already made, the certifications are as well. This also means you won’t need to budget for either the development of the piece or their certifications.

We will always keep a supply ready for shipment, so once the order is made, the shipment will be immediately processed. This way, we can significantly reduce the delivery time, and our customers can proceed with their projects easily. Sedal won’t be a stopper.

• Finally, the orders won’t have a minimum quantity, meaning that, up to 5,000 pieces, you can order as many as you want, forgetting the minimum order quantity (MOQ) found in most other products.

With these three advantages, we look to engage the market and take a step forward in the digitalization of the industry. As mentioned before, we have developed 3 levels of technology that can fit any need.

Level 1: the rotary knob
Our standard rotary knob is a 46 mm round knob with a light system that changes colors depending on the required temperature, going from blue (coldest temperature) to red (hottest temperature). With this rotary knob, you can control water flow and temperature (unlike most rotary knobs in the market, which only control one of them) thanks to a click we integrated, that enables you to switch from the temperature control mode to the flow control mode, and vice versa. When operating the flow, the light becomes white and increases in intensity as the flow rises. In both cases, temperature and flow, when the maximum capacity is reached, the light will blink twice as a mark.

Level 2: iPlus1
Our first fully-operational electronic shower, or iPlus1, is a completely functional and digital shower that counts with a dot setup, a 5-button system to control all the functions of the shower, and one more line of up to 3 buttons to control either outlets or users (or both).

With different modes and functions like automatic cleanup mode, warm-up mode, security lock, thermal disinfection, or set ups for different users, it is great for a large array of scenarios, from homes to large hotels, which can be remotely controled when an alarm occurs or a cleaning must be done, allowing to control all showers at once . The screen, a black rectangle polycarbonate with chrome finishes, that only stands out 10 mm from the wall, will fit in any shower, and the installation can be placed either on the inside part of the wall or at the ceiling, giving you the freedom to adapt the bathroom your clients may already have.

Level 3: iPlus2 and iPlus3 This level contains the two most complex programming’s of the iPlus family, as well as the standard shower category. They both count with a dot system and a line of up to three buttons for some functions as well as per users set up, but now we find 2 rotary knobs instead of the 5-button system. The rotary knob, a bit smaller than the level 1 standard, can be more user-friendly to control water flow and temperature. With the iPlus2 and iPlus3, you can also get the same advantages as with the iPlus1, being able to control all systems on one side, or allowing the mixing box to be placed in different parts of the bathroom.

Each of these 4 products can work with all our mixing boxes, which gives our customers the opportunity to adjust their product to the project line they want to work on. With internal and external outlets, options for one, two, or three exits, different internal systems (which can be thermostatic or mixers), and other variations, it may be a bit hard to choose, but don’t worry, our technical team will assist every project to ensure the best fit for each case.

With this product category, we look forward to opening doors and working side by side with our customers and the market to achieve a more digital future. The future is here, and Sedal is ready. Are you coming with us?

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