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How Sedal’s EcoFlow and Pressure Balance Cartridges Guarantee Optimal Pressure Control

Has any of your customers ever complained about the pressure balance control on their faucets? It is very common that, if you don’t have a good pressure system at home, when you are using one outlet of water and turn on another one, the flow or temperature can vary, elevating the risk of scalding or having to work with a much lower water flow.

Since we like to approach different types of readers and bring information to all, let’s explain it with some examples for better understanding of the concept. Imagine you are using your shower with a mixture of cold and hot water. If someone turns on the cold water in the kitchen faucet, the shower loses pressure on the cold water entrance, making the mixed water hotter, which can cause scaling. On the other hand, if you are using the shower and someone turns on the kitchen faucet with hot water, the shower supply reduces the hot water flow, causing the mixed water to be colder. Makes sense, right? This can be dangerous not only for us but for the whole family, since kids and elderly people are more inclined to suffer from changing temperature conditions.

A lot of countries and regulations are trying to restrict water flow to help the environment, and there are many ways to control water flow. The two most common are the aerator and the cartridge, but the aerator, as well as some cartridges, have their risks since they cannot control water temperature and can’t prevent these changes. Therefore, in this blog, we want to talk about our two best solutions: The cartridge EcoFlow and the cartridge Pressure Balance.

The EcoFlow Cartridge:

The EcoFlow cartridge has been meticulously designed for applications where low flow is essential, such as kitchen faucets and washbasins. What sets this cartridge apart is its utilization of specially engineered ceramics, exclusively developed for this purpose. These ceramics differ from standard ones; instead of the usual three main openings, they feature smaller gaps distributed across the surface. This innovative design ensures exceptional temperature stability even when subjected to pressure variations in hot and cold water supply lines at low flow rates. It achieves a remarkable variation of just 1°C, while most standard cartridges or aerator restrictors can have variations of up to 10°C.

The flow rate can vary based on the cartridge’s diameter, gap diameter, and the quantity of gaps. It’s important to note that there is a minimum gap size and a specific ceramic surface. Here are some of our standard EcoFlow cartridges as examples:

– The 25 mm EcoFlow cartridge provides a flow rate of 5.5 liters at 3 bars.

– The 35 or 40 mm EcoFlow cartridge achieves a flow rate of 7.8 liters at 3 bars.

Additionally, the EcoFlow cartridge is equipped with a clutch mechanism that ensures a smooth operation feel, offering precise control over the lever’s full opening range. If the flow is limited with a restrictor at the outlet, from a certain angle of handle opening, the flow remains constant. With EcoFlow, it allows for flow control throughout the entire angular range of handle opening/closing. This system not only enhances user performance but also adds significant value to the final product.

The Pressure Balance Cartridge:

The Pressure Balance Cartridge, on the other hand, features a specific system that includes a special mechanical device detecting pressure variations in water inlets. It works diligently to ensure water pressure stability as well as, by extension, temperature. The Pressure Balance cartridge has a unique base with a cylinder and a piston that moves according to water pressure, working to maintain the same temperature, even if it means sacrificing a small part of the water flow. 

As shown in the accompanying images, when water pressure is stable, the piston inside the cylinder remains in the middle, allowing you to select the water temperature and have all the water flow you need. If the hot-water pressure decreases, the piston shifts to close the cold-water entrance just enough to maintain the same temperature, and the same happens when the cold water flow decreases. This way, we ensure a consistent temperature throughout the process, preventing scaling.

In this case, we can use the Pressure Balance cartridge for different applications, even those with higher flow requirements, like a shower.

Maintaining consistent water pressure and temperature in your faucets is crucial for a safe and comfortable experience, especially in households with varying water usage. Sedal offers two exceptional solutions to address these concerns: the EcoFlow cartridge, ideal for applications like kitchen faucets and washbasins, and the Pressure Balance cartridge, suitable for various applications, including showers. With their innovative designs, these cartridges not only provide precise control over water flow but also ensure stable temperatures even when there are fluctuations in pressure.

Don’t compromise on safety and convenience; contact us today to learn more about how our cartridges can enhance your plumbing systems.

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