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Mirror cartridges

Mirror cartridges specially designed for kitchen faucets

Thanks to mirror cartridges it is possible to open kitchen faucets avoiding the inconvenience of the handle moving towards the wall

If we open the faucet of our sink and we want cold water, we move the handle to the right, and if we want hot water, to the left. Well, now let’s imagine that we have a kitchen faucet with the handle on the right side and extrapolate the position of the hot and cold water. What would happen when you move the handle to the hot water position? Sure enough, we would hit the wall. So we prevent this from happening with mirror cartridges specially designed for kitchen applications.

Mirror version for kitchen applications

Cold mirror version has been specifically designed for kitchen applications precisely to avoid the inconvenience of the handle moving towards the wall. Moreover, cold mirror cartridges allow the manufacturer to keep the same machining and comply with standard EN200 & EN817 regulations without any change in the faucet.

So, what are the inconvenience to the manufacturer of having a kitchen faucet without a mirror cartridge? Firstly, to open the faucet in cold position, the manufacturer needs to change the machining. Also, may experience difficulties when machining the drills of cold water inlet and mixed water exit due to possible interferences. On the other hand, it will be necessary to have two types of machining for different body versions, as well as could be difficulties mounting flexible hoses due to proximity of inlets.

Cold start for energy saving

At SEDAL we take care of environment, that’s why we have developed mirror cartridges with cold start for saving energy. The lever of the faucet is in cold position by default and operated with the handle in the central position, thus avoiding unnecessary use of the heater when daily actions such as brushing teeth or hands are made. Thanks to this small gesture, it is possible to avoid the consumption of energy or the emission of polluting gases and saving up to 10% from the household energy consumption related to plumbing products.


Finally, do not forget to visit in our web page the products section, there you can filter by “mirror” function and discover the whole cartridges range of 25, 35 & 40mm.

SN-25 Cold Mirror · 25mm

SN-25 cartridges from SEDAL have been designed to perform above standards including robust lever design, smooth operation and higher flow than previous versions, providing great value-added products for the faucet’s manufacturer. Now available in cold mirror and metal lever versions.

Endura Cold Mirror · 35mm

Endura Cold Mirror includes the option of due technology, which presents a slight resistance to indicate that the fitting is using approximately 50% of its flow. This feature allows saving up to 54% of daily water consumption.

EN-35 TOP Standard · 35mm

EN-35 TOP is a 35mm cartridge created to be the best in class, outstanding its competitors in all fields and offering the manufacturer a perfect balanced cartridge with an extraordinary endurance.

SN-35 Termaclick Mirror · 35mm

Thanks to a mid-stroke click at the temperature comfort point, the new termaclick cartridge prevents waste of energy as the user enjoys a unique smoothness of operation. This valve, which includes cold start, is available in 35mm and mirrored for kitchen application.

SN-35 SISO 3 · 35mm

Dry faucet cartridge is an optimal solution for lead-free policy products, as there is no contact between the water and the metal of the body. It helps to save costs because faucets bodies and spouts can be manufactured with different materials while allowing brass weight reduction in the faucet body.

EC-40 Cold Due Mirror · 40mm

Standard 40mm cartridge with C3 technology and mirror base to make it easier to fit in Kitchens. It also includes due technology. Complies with NF077-ECAU C3.

If you would like to have more information about our cartridges or electronic mixing water systems and talk with our Sales or Technical Department, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@sedal.com. Our team is always happy to help you.


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