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KBC 2021, the most influential annual event for kitchen and bathroom industry, took place in Shangai from May 26th to 29th after the suspension for one year.

The 26th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 26 to May 29, and an industry feast gathered by big names was once again staged. SEDAL was also ready to go and bring a variety of popular and blockbuster new products to the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition W3 Hall C87 booth.

Continuous improvement, efficient innovation, and environmental protection is the theme of Sedal’s booth this year. Just like the theme of the exhibition, the exhibition booth of Sedal also gives people a feeling of low-key but warm. Sedal exhibition booth is 77 square meters, with exquisite design and unique warmth. The decoration of the exhibition booth adopts simple and elegant white as the main color, with beige solid wood floor and exhibition stand. Under the illumination of the light, it is quite interesting. The angular sample room perfectly blends with the smooth lines of the Sedal cartridge product, presenting a simple and elegant modern style.

In the small exhibition hall it displayed representatives of Sedal recent hot-selling products, including the Sedal single lever ceramic cartridge, thermostatic cartridge, ceramic headworks, diverter and other faucet core accessories, as well as infrared sensor electronic water control valves, touch electronic water control valves and smart electronic thermostatic valve water system solutions are all unveiled.

This year’s Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, Sedal introduced his star product: TOP 35mm Cartridge Range. As the main promotion products of Sedal, TOP 35 is functional product with modern design and ultra-high performance, is designed to be the best in class, especially in terms of performance.

Here you can see the brochure of the TOP Cartridge Range.

EN-35 TOP Cartridge

Its life is far beyond that of its competitors, and it ranks among the best in market performance and reputation. According to the national standard GB18145, the life of the qualified cartridge is 70,000 cycles, but the life of the EN-35 Top cartridge is as high as 210,000 cycles. According to the American standard ASME, the life of the qualified cartridge is 500,000 cycles, but EN- The 35 Top cartridge has a life span of more than 1.5 million times. In other words, the performance of the EN-35 Top cartridge has been improved three times.

The cartridge is made of environmentally friendly ceramic materials and imported plastics, this cartridge is certified by NSF, WRAS, KTW, ACS AS/NZS etc. The precipitation of the six harmful heavy metals and the two major compounds is far below the standard. It does not accumulate scale, which can effectively protect the health of users. It is a standard cartridge for direct drinking water.

Besides, the use of environmentally friendly ceramic materials and imported plastics, it also does not block the flow of water. The flow of this cartridge will be higher than the market average value by 9%, and the sensitivity is also higher than the market average value by 20%. It is surprising in terms of comfort.

EX-35 TOP Cartridge

And EX-35 Top is a delicate designed product, the upper sealing cartridge size is smaller than the common market valves, allow the manufacturer to work with different faucet configurations, including those in which the spout is located on the upper side, allows modern faucet design, such as line structure faucet, small and exquisite faucet, water-saving faucet, and energy-saving faucet, etc.

EX-28 TOP Cartridge

Sedal 28 new range, provides a slim design capability resulting in an interesting intermediate way in between 35mm and 25mm taps, giving more ideas to the designer. And Top 28 range, which is designed for the NF-077 standard, withstand more than 2 times of life cycle requirements of EN817 and ASME, outstanding the competitors’ products in the performance.


TM001 LP standard size thermostatic valve specially designed for a reliable response in a non-pressurized installation. it is made of high-performance plastic material; it is not easy to be disturbed by scaling problems during use. And this product is equipped with high quality wax elements, which can balance the cold and hot water pressure automatically, maintain the water temperature stable, safety and anti-scalding, providing ideal comfort temperature to the users at any time.

Here you can download the brochure of Thermostatics range.

Hydron i·RED CORE

Besides, Sedal was also presenting the new product Hydron i·Red Core. Hydron i·Red Core is a complete infrared system in a single body that combines a mixing valve, IR sensor, high grade solenoid on-off valve, battery pack (optional AC adaptor) and a plastic or brass body that acts as the main structural components.

The faucet is built around the body making the design extremely simple and easy to cast and machine.

Installation becomes more simple as there is no external valve box under the sink.

Here you can consult here the brochure of Hydron Range.

If you would like to have more information about our cartridges or electronic mixing water systems and talk with our Sales or Technical Department, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@sedal.com. Our team is always happy to help you.

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