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iRED PLUS, full concealed sensor

Full concealed sensors solutions for touchless faucets

Invisible sensor technology that allows for faucet designers to free the body from the restrains of a machined window to place the sensor

Until almost two years ago, the use of electronic taps was limited to public spaces such as airports, shopping centers or hospitals. In short, those places where there is usually a greater influx of people on a constant basis. This was so basically due to the advantages of having this type of faucet: efficiency in water and energy consumption, reliability and durability. But during the pandemic, the fact of operating through contactless activation was selected above all else, since it guarantees the user a safer space free of transmission and spread of viruses and germs. Today, and under this same pretext, it is increasingly common to find electronic taps in the kitchens and bathrooms of homes.

Mainly, what is it that makes a touchless faucet turn on when it detects the presence of hands at a certain distance and without the need to touch it? The infrared sensor that is housed in the body of the faucet. It is a highly hygienic and effective solution to combat the spread of viruses and bacteria, as well as reduce water consumption in both public and private bathrooms.

Types of sensors

At SEDAL we have three different versions of infrared system: iRED, iRED PLUS and iRED LP. Sedal’s i-red for faucets are designed to work flawlessly with several off-the-shelf sensors and AC, DC and AC/DC power sources. In addition, with over 500.000 cycles, our valves and sensors endure under the most demanding commercial applications for your customers’ peace of mind.

iRED, with a defined detection area and distance

  • iRED is the entry level infrared system that allows easy integration into faucets with detection windows either in the main body, at the spout or wall mounted. The tap is activated by the sensor located on the front of the tap which facilitates hand detection.
    • CLEAN & HYGIENIC: Faucet activation is done by entering the hand into the sensor zone.
    • WATER SAVING: Infrared fixed distance sensor activation with automatic shut-off time which can be customized.
    • EASY MAINTENANCE Built-in filter to avoid impurities which could affect the proper water flow.
    • POWER SUPPLY: 3 different power options: Battery (DC), mains power supply (AC) and hybrid (AC+DC).

iRED PLUS, located at the outlet of the spout making them invisible

Invisible sensor technology that allow for faucet designers to free the body from the restrains of a machined window to place the sensor offering a comfort experience with intuitive gesture. Classic infrared faucet design is overcome with the Kits by Sedal, which are located at the outlet of the spout making them virtually invisible.

In addition to iRED standard characteristics, HYDRON iRED PLUS systems include an adjusting feature to set the activation distance with a simple button push procedure. This feature is especially useful in highly reflective environments and spout sensor faucets where the risk of reflection in the sink is higher.

iRED LP, low pressure systems

  • iRED LP: i-RED LP low pressure valve performs outstandingly in pressures ranging 0,2BAR to 4,0BAR. Suitable for head pressure applications or very low pressure mains water systems.

Touchless faucets stands out for its ease of use, lower water consumption and touchfree use, keeping the space cleaner and preventing the spread of germs. How it works is simple: built-in infrared sensors will turn the tap on and off automatically, making sure that you only use the necessary amount of water.

If you would like to have more information about our cartridges or electronic mixing water systems and talk with our Sales or Technical Department, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@sedal.com. Our team is always happy to help you.


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