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Due technology in Sedal cartridges to save 54% of water consumption

Most of the daily actions carried out on a faucet only need 50% of the total water flow. This is possible to achieve thanks a cartridge with due technology

The faucet sector has been marked in recent years by strong innovation in kitchens and bathrooms, especially in terms of achieving efficient water management. Furthermore, the governments of different countries are increasingly demanding in their regulations regarding the manufacture of sanitary components in order to ensure the maximum possible water savings, both in homes and in public places.

Most of the time that a faucet is used, more water is used than is really necessary, for example, when carrying out such everyday actions as washing our hands, teeth or face. With half the flow or amount of water it would be necessary to carry out these actions without inconvenience.

In Sedal Group, in addition to having cartridges with Cold technology, as we already told you in another of our post on the occasion of World Environment Day, we also have due technology. This feature of the cartridges is also known as opening in two positions or double flow position, it depends on the faucet manufacturer.

How works due technology?

So, how is flow reduction achieved with Due technology? Thanks to our cartridges, an intermediate stop is incorporated in the vertical travel of the lever. In this way, the user finds a small resistance that causes the lever of the mixer to be placed in an intermediate position, providing a flow with a saving of 50% of water. If it is necessary to have more flow, simply overcome the stop and open the faucet completely.

This system not only saves water but also energy, since in practice less water is heated. In addition, with this system it is easier and more comfortable for children and the elderly to regulate the flow they need.

Cold-Due version cartridges

In Sedal Group, in addition to having Cold and Due version cartridges, we also have both options in a single cartridge, which implies greater savings in water and energy at the same time. It works exactly the same as a normal faucet, only the position of the handle changes, by default in the central position and in cold water and with a double position to obtain more or less flow.

On the other hand, TOP cartridge range is one of the latest innovations in cartridges that has been created to be the best in class, outstanding its competitors in all fields. For this reason, Sedal has developed all the versions in each of the cartridges of the range. You can find out in the brochure what cartridges of TOP range have due technology.

If you would like to have more information about our cartridges or electronic mixing water systems and talk with our Sales or Technical Department, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@sedal.com. Our team is always happy to help you.


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