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Presenting the Upper Sealing Cartridge range, adapting our expertise to every faucet

On our effort to supply every need of the market, we understood that the upper sealing world needed a makeover. That’s why we developed different versions of the Upper Sealing Cartridge, opening a new door to all the manufacturers who needed more of what the market was offering to create and design any type of faucet, providing safety, awesome performance, and easy usability. Upper sealed cartridges allow the manufacturer to work with different faucet configurations, including those in which the spout is located on the upper side. Some of these cartridges also provide extra productivity thanks to their design and innovative solutions and materials. 

The main feature is, as its name points, that the sealing o-ring is located at the top of the cartridge, allowing new and more modern designs where the spout entrance is not located in the escutcheon, but right under the handle, so manufacturers can expand their creativity and present a wither range of products.

With this new family of cartridges, we also allow less brass usage, since you can use hoses for the water flow. As we saw the importance of this cartridges, we created 4 versions with the TOP cartridge exceptional capabilities, using our best materials and functionalities, granting manufacturers to work with the best components in the market.

This cartridge range has been specially designed to achieve norm NF-077 and withstand 3 times the EN817 and ASME life expectancy. With a range of three different TOP cartridges, we have:

  • A compact EX35 mm cartridge with a minimal distributor in the body size of a flat base cartridge, allowing short design faucets starting at around 50 mm tall faucets.
  • TOP G35 mm cartridge with a standard high base, our most “classic” upper sealing cartridge, allowing a wide range of designs with the strength and quality of a TOP
  • TOP 28 mm TOP Cartridge which provides a slim design capability resulting in an interesting intermediate way between 35 mm and 25 mm taps. It features soft operational movement thanks to a high-grade ceramic and allows to aim for the most demanding standards, like NF-077 ECAU and low noise levels. Even with its small diameter, the feeling keeps up with even a 35 mm cartridge, since the quality of manufacturing and materials are specially designed.
  • As we mentioned before, if there is the need to, we also offer our direct Plug-in cartridge with the upper sealing version. With a 35 mm width and hoses directly connected into the cartridge allows less usage of brass, offering a 15% process saving and a 8% brass.

Of course, as most of our cartridges do, all TOP. Cartridges count with different features like:

  • Due Technology, optimizing water flow thanks to a mid-way stop at 60% of the lever stroke, providing up to a 50% water saving.
  • Temperature and Flow Limiter. The water flow can be limited thanks to the screw located in the cartridge lever. By turning the screw, the flow obtained will be reduced, saving up to 22% of daily water consumption. On the other hand, there is an optional ring called TR that allows limiting the maximum temperature in 10 selectable stops (every 9º), enabling an anti-scalding safety feature.
  • Cold Opening Technology is an energy saving feature, which allows having flowing cold water when the lever is centered, thanks to the internal design of the cartridge.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that all TOP cartridges can be NF certificated , and that, if you certify one faucet with this cartridge family, you won’t need to certify all other faucets in the catalogue, reducing time and cost for our clients.

Sounds interesting? We love it! Let us know if you have any question, suggestions or you want a sample, our team will contact you as quick as possible!

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