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MOZAIC, Digital Shower System Interface

MOZAIC or how to create an interface for showers with little investment

It is the new Digital Shower System Interface design program by Sedal

The trend for connected households represents an upward trend that shows no signs of slowing down. This means that smart and connected home appliances and applications are becoming more popular, and that includes smart showers.

One of the reasons why these new devices have become so popular is because of the water and energy savings they entail in their daily use. In addition to being characterized by having a minimalist and elegant design.

What is a digital shower?

But which is the difference between a common mixer shower and digital shower? The main difference is the use of electrical power to control elements such as water temperature, flow rate and the choice of outlet. With digital showers you will use a push-button control instead of a dial or lever mechanism. Some even have displays so you can see exactly what temperature your water is. Furthermore, can be operated via remote control, so you could even switch your morning shower on from the warmth and comfort of your bed.

A smart shower allows you to fully control every aspect of your showering experience, including temperature, flow rate, duration and outlet. It is possible from the phone or even through voice activation when paired with a smart home system such as Amazon Alexa.

MOZAIC, a step further in digital showers

MOZAIC is Digital Shower System Interface design program by Sedal that allows manufacturers to develop a UI in record time with little investment. Combining pre-designed components in a free canvas, it is possible to virtually design any combination and have a customized interface for new projects.

How it works

The first step to configure your MOZAIC is to choose the orientation of the touchpad, as well as its color and trim finishes. Then, it is only necessary to select the components that will form it, such as buttons, display or rotary buttons. The main advantage is that all this can be done thanks to a little investment.

Due to its minimalist profile of only 12 mm thick, the control panel protrudes very little from the wall. The touch screen and the ergonomic design of its rotary controls make the smart shower very easy to use. The buttons, which light up when touched, offer a very intuitive experience, even for children and the elderly.

In the video below we present just some of the options that are possible to develop.

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